List of Presentations presented at the Club of Rome Annual Conference
9th – 10th November, 2011, New Delhi


Detailed Agenda of CoR Conference - 12.10.11

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Club of Rome Sponsorship Docket

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Title of Presentation Presented by Profile Presented Download
Economics, Ecology and Values; Where the World and India Meet Inspired by Nature Ranjit Barthakur Secretary of Indian National Association for the Club of Rome; Chairman, Globally Managed Services 9.11.2011 Download
Ideas that are Changing the World Professor Sir David King Director, Smith Schoolof Enterprise and the Environment 9.11.2011 Download
10 Simple Ideas That Can Change The World Ashok Khosla Development Alternatives and Club of Rome 9.11.2011 Download
Ideas that can Change our Common Future Gunter Pauli Chairperson of Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives, Japan 9.11.2011 Download
Ideas to Change the World Harry Dhaul Director General: IPPAI 9.11.2011 Download
Courage for Zero Robert Swan Founder of 2041 9.11.2011  
Economics, Ecology and Values; Where the World and India Meet Initiatives at Tata Steel Partha Sengupta Vice President, Raw Materials, Tata Steel 9.11.2011 Download
Challenges of Sustainability: Issue of Food Security in the Indian Sundarbans Dr. Ashish Ghosh Director, Centre for Environment and Development 10.11.2011 Download
Can Nature Guide Us in Future? Dr. Aparna Watve Biome 10.11.2011 Download
Economics: Centred on People and Nature Prof Markku Wilenius Finland Futures Research Centre University of Turku 10.11.2011 Download
Prospects for Full Employment Garry Jacobs Vice President, The Mothers Service Society, Pondicherry 10.11.2011 Download