Forest Restoration

Forest Restoration:

Adequate forest cover is essential for economic growth, community well being and ecological productivity.

Enhancing the forest coverage from the present status of forests (variously estimated to be between 9 to 16%) will require a concerted and co-ordinated effort on the part of all, including particularly the Central and State Governments, Civil Society, Business, Faith-based Organisations, Educational Institutions and Communities. The need exists for a highly focused national movement to restore the forests of India.

The term forest cover refers to lands more than one hectare in area, with a tree canopy density of more than 10 percent, irrespective of ownership and legal status. Such lands may not necessarily be a recorded forest area. It includes orchards, bamboo and palm. The national target of 33% forest area is still a long way to go, as the current coverage is only ~9-16%.

Korea, China, Ethiopia and Colombia, amongst others, have shown that it is possible to restore large-scale damaged eco systems. So! Why not in india? Perhaps, we need systems thinking to analyse the situation and to develop coherent and enabling policies, first.