Critical need for coherence in policies and actions

Venue: Gulmohar, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

The "Annual Conferences" of the Club of Rome-India are the premier venue for Planners, Economists, Leaders, Systems Experts and, in general, people who are dealing with emerging issues, the importance of which others have not yet fully recognized or appreciated, putting them in a new frame of thinking and looking at them from a perspective of fairness, resource impact and overall sustainability.

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The Annual Conference will bring together the latest thinking on the "Blue Economy" - how global, national and local economies can be made more sustainable - and the special, and often forgotten - role that ecosystems and biodiversity play in such an economy. It will highlight the special role that ecosystem services, such as climate regulation, maintenance of clean water and productive soils, and the provision of natural chemicals and medicines, play in our economies. Biomimicry - Technologies inspired by nature - which hold great promise for redesigning our production systems to be more sustainable, will be a particular focus in these discussions.

The outcome of the Conference discussions will result in substantive conclusions of interest to policy makers, practitioners, academics and the public. It will also provide inputs to officials in both the public and private sectors, which will help them represent the needs of people, nature and the future at global conferences such as Rio +20, and at CoP 21, the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will be held in Paris, France from 30 November to 11 December 2015.

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