Annual Conference 2014

Critical need for coherence in policies and actions

Dates: October 30th - 31st, 2014

Venue: Diwan-I-Aam, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi.

The Indian National Association for the Club of Rome (CoR-India) has always recognized the importance of systematic thinking, coherence in policies and actions, and sustainable national futures to its mission: to act as a global catalyst for change.

This Annual Conference of CoR-India, was therefore entitled Securing Food for All: The Critical Need for Coherence in Policies and Action.

The purpose of this Conference was to help establish coherence in food security policies. The program presented an opportunity for open exchange among diverse stakeholders, to provide knowledge and practical tools to think globally, act locally, build better relationships, and find commonalities.

While this conference provided the right platform for food and nutrition security (FNS) professionals to come together, it also provided them with an opportunity to lead the way in ensuring scientific integrity, relevance and transparency of communications.

In addition, this conference examined FNS issues that will shape the future for managing the ever increasing amount of knowledge and data available. We need to share this information with the Government, Private industry, Academic researchers and NGOs that represent a variety of interests, with the ultimate objective of being able to provide improved food and nutrition security for the masses.

A major goal of the conference was to publish credible documentation that would deliver output-oriented recommendations, which can be viewed in the Report to CoR-India.